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Han Esports Injector Unlock All Skins Hero ML Latest Patch. Today we will share with you all mobile legends cheat which has just been made especially for gamers who want to use cheats when playing mobile legends. This cheat uses an application that will certainly spoil you when playing mobile legends.

What is Han Esports?

Han Injector APK was made by a reliable modder named Han Esports, therefore this ml skin injector application provides more than 100+ skins and new outfits. In this application, there are several inject menus that you can use, including unlocking all skins, unlocking all backgrounds, unlocking all maps, and drone views, unlocking all analogs, and unlocking all recall and unlocking all battle effects.

So with this MLBB injection menu, you can use skin heroes for free without having to buy them with diamonds. There are many choices for skin heroes in this application, especially epic skins, starlight skins, legend skins, and mobile legends squad hero skins.

Not only that, but you can also get the full effect animation skills that each skin has. Therefore for those of you who are interested in using this application, you can try using it.

When you use this ML Skin injector, you don’t need to hesitate or worry about the account you are using because it is already anti-banned. when you use the ml hero skin in this application, you can try it first in custom mode, friend. How to use this application, it’s not too difficult, friend, you can see in the tutorial below.

New Features

In the app, Han esports you will find these features out of the box carries from the worst gaming seasons. All kinds of skins have the newer version available, so you can inject them and enjoy the gameplay. Let’s go check out these features from the list below on the webpage you currently reading.

  • gusion night owl
  • Roger cybrog
  • Special Carmila
  • Special Cecilion
  • Pharsa samba
  • Luo Yi is special
  • Kufra star
  • Elite khaleed
  • Alu Lightbron ABC
  • Alu star ABC
  • Lyla blazing ABC
  • ABC special Kagura
  • Harley EPic ABC

Upcoming skin

  • Ling Skin Special
  • Wanwan Skin Collector
  • Chou Skin Thunderfist
  • Skin silvanna starlight
  • Elite diggie skin
  • Special terizla skin

Revamp Hero

  • Zilong backup
  • Miya backup
  • Backup saber

Revamp skins

  • Zilong epic
  • Alucard legend
  • Saber legend
  • Alucard epic
  • Miya legends + recall

Fix backup Hero

  • Johnson
  • Franco.
  • Fix skin for Roger Phantom Pirate

How to install Han Esports?

  • First, download the application Han esports APK file at the link above that I have provided.
  • If you have extracted it using archiver.
  • Then you install and allow the application permissions.
  • If you have just opened the application.
  • You select the inject menu that you want to use, for example, inject the ml hero skin.
  • Then you just have to select the ml hero skin you want to use and wait for the process to finish.
  • Then you just have to open the mobile legends game, and you can try the skin hero you are using.
  • Done, have fun playing.


These are the final words about Han Esports APK file, we have provided the latest version as well, so download it from this web page right now, for more questions you can visit imodapk.com or mention your desired issue below the comment box.