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Moba Mugen is a free-fighting game where all the famous anime characters appear as heroes. You’ll enjoy this popular shooting game while playing the anime characters from a list of characters. You select your favorite anime character from a list. This game is a simple RPG (Role Playing Game) in which you need to use tactics to defeat all the monsters and bosses and save everyone from destruction. In the game, you control a small boy who must collect items and solve puzzles to save his sister from monsters.

What is Moba Mugen?

This Moba Mugen is an action-packed Android game for fans of the genre. If you want to add higher powers to the game, you can easily make it if this movement can eliminate the enemy quickly. It is the best 5v5 Offline game for Android users to play great actions.

Best Modified Version of ML

It has a lot of the best features of the Moba Mugen ML 5v5 Offline games but with a more streamlined and simplified experience. It’s well-balanced, and it doesn’t get boring. It is very much similar to WR3D 2K22 and Naruto Senki.

The graphics are so realistic, that you can see your opponents on screen. This game is cool and you won’t get tired of playing. All you have to do is play against another human player. Then watch as they beat you at your own game! There are some of its features that are followings:

Unlimited Money

You can play it all day long for free. When you get to level 20, you can unlock everything. All you have to do is spend some real cash! 

Unlocked All Levels

This application gives you a chance to win real cash prizes. There are over 100 unlockable characters. Each character has unique special powers, moves, and weapons. When you defeat your opponents, you’ll earn more points and cash.

Easily controllable

This MOBA Mugen Gaming version features easy-to-control gameplay. It has a wide variety of different options to choose from. 

Diamonds without end

This offers a ton of extraordinary in-game items. For instance, you can get in-game gems for free. And with diamonds, you can buy anything.

Anime characters

This MOBA mugen application is full of anime characters. You will enjoy the cuteness of these characters. Many players find them so adorable, that they want to protect them by using their powerful guns. 

Play Offline for Free

This application lets you play games offline without paying a dime. It’s fast, free, easy to download, and comes packed with a bunch of different games from different genres and periods.

3D graphics

It has 3D graphics, and there are no in-app purchases. You don’t need to spend any money at all to enjoy the awesome gaming experience that it offers.

Upgrade your weapons

When you play online, you get to upgrade your weapons as you go along. There are three upgrades available. And each one lets you fire off more bullets.

Free of advertisements

This application is one of the best mobile games available right now. It features no ads, no pop-up ads, and no time limits. 

Use cutting-edge visuals

This application uses the latest graphics engine and has no loading times. You can play it on any device.

Easy to play

This game is easy to play. It has a simple interface, and there are no complex menus to navigate.


This application is compatible with all devices. You can play it on any device, even tablets, and smartphones. 


We’ve tried every mobile game there is Moba Mugen 5v5 Offline apk for you. But here’s what we found out about the best games for your Android phone. It turns out that there is no substitute for traditional games like Mario, Zelda, Pac-Man, and Tetris. But there is a new breed of mobile games that takes the concept of fun gaming to a whole new level.