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After so long, finally, a good Garena Free Fire Mod has been released named GGWP Squad. It is the perfect replica and the cracked version of the original game with no diversion from the storyline and gameplay. GGWP Squad Mod contains tons of freebies to help players get more interest in the game. This is a relatively new and uncommon tool, so, you would not find many websites to download it from.

Luckily, we present you with the latest version that was released a week ago. Download the GGWP Squad mod file and play this unrestricted version of Free Fire. Garena Free Fire is difficult as it is but with locked resources, it becomes even harder for a player to survive.

These skin tools have become a go-to option for most gamers to get freebies and essential battle features. FF Mod menus are becoming popular over time as players like to play the modified versions more with fewer restrictions. These alternate tools have done their best to stay updated and provide the best of services.

GGWP Squad FF would be an amazing experience for Free Fire players. As per some users, it is even better and improved than the official game. It is quite similar in working to United Mods Free Fire.

What is GGWP Squad?

Developed by GGWP Squad, this modifying FF app has a lot to offer in terms of gaming stuff and battle features. A user will get Aim, ESPs, Hero Skills, Telekill, unlimited Diamonds, Gold, and many other features. A lot of other stuff will be waiting for you to explore. The app is well-equipped with basic and pro items and features. Besides the aforementioned stuff, you will get a Drone Camera and medkit.


If you do not hold a notable previous record or not-so-glorious history, this app will change the game for you immediately. It gives players the desired dominance and authority that they crave. A shortage of gaming skills and premium materials makes many players quit the game. This app is a ray of sunshine for the defeated and disappointed players.


It would be a memorable gameplay experience when being supported by a powerful tool Skins. It only gets better with each update as more and more features get added. It has plenty of freebies and premium features leading to the satisfactory and desired outcome. It is not easy to resist the urge to use all of them at the same time. The cool features of GGWP Squad Mod FF include

  • AimBot – With several Aim options, a user can hit the target correctly. This feature includes AimBot Auto, Aim Por Tiro (shot), Aim Por Mira (sight), Aim Agachado (crouch), Aim Visible, Aim FOV; 0 – 360, and Aim Puxada (pull).
  • Ammo Unlimited – Users will not run out of ammo to fight enemies as long as required.
  • Telekill – This section features Telekill Pro, Telekill Aliado (ally), Telekill Enemies, and Telekill Car.
  • Lag Shoot Fix – This bug gets most players killed because of the delayed response. Fix lag shoot so you kill or escape on time.
  • ESP – ESP or Extra Sensory Perception feature makes sure you know what is happening behind walls and containers. ESP settings include ESP Fire, Line, Draw, Distance, Alert, and Name.
  • Unlimited In-game Currency – You can purchase any in-game stuff with unlimited gold and diamonds.
  • Camera View – Adjustable camera lets you adjust the view between 0 to 5.
  • Others – Other features include Remove Scope, Fast Reloaded, Shoot + Move, Kill in Lobby, Ghost, White Body, Remove Body, and Medkit Running.
  • Ad-Free – GGWP Squad mod does not contain third-party ads or any other promotional material to save you from unnecessary annoyance.
  • Root/No Root – It does not impose any condition for the device to be rooted or non-rooted as it supports both.
  • No Login – It does not require any registration, login, or password to run.
  • Anti-Ban – It is made safe with an anti-ban system to protect its users from sharp security filters.

How to Download and Install GGWP Squad apk?

GGWP Mod Squad apk has plenty of freebies and features that convince players to install it right away. Developers have never failed to surprise users with more exciting features added in each update. If you want to be a part of this community, install the tool and become a member. There have been thousands of others like you who found this tool helpful. There is no looking back once you install this tool as you will only reach new heights.

The app was updated a few days ago and many new features were added. Now, the features list has become even more enormous, so, we recommend you uninstall the previous version and get this new one for additional benefits. New users may have a hard time installing from an external source other than Google Play Store. However, it is quite easy with these steps

  • Download the GGWP Squad apk from the link given in the post
  • Most new users are unaware of the fact that third-party apps need to be allowed first. Installation is unsuccessful and you end up getting a security alert because the Unknown Sources option is not enabled within the security settings.
  • Click on the downloaded file by locating it from the File Manager, and wait a few seconds till the progress bar shows installation is completed.
  • Now, open the app, it will not ask for a password or other login information.
  • You will get direct access and can activate or deactivate a feature with just a single click.
  • With a floating window, you can on/off any features.

Final Remarks

The best thing about the GGWP Squad is that it works without an OBB file and is simple to use. Undoubtedly, everything is in abundance but that does not mean you have to use all the features more often at a time. The only advice we have for you is to use it wisely. Post it on your social media handles to let others know about this cool tool as well.