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If you were wishing for your favorite ML tool, Fakecez Modz to get updated with new features, your prayers have been heard. You will surely love the changes made in the new version of Mo Menu ML. This mod provides one-sided benefits for all its users who can have an upper hand over all their enemies. Noobs can accomplish so much with all the given features.

You probably came here all exhausted after searching on every website for the latest version of the Fakecez Modz, worry not, we will not disappoint you like others. We have a new version available here with all the latest ML updates. It is hard to keep track of these apps as a new one is released each day.

What is Fakecez Modz?

Developed by Fakecez Modz, the developer has modified every game aspect by providing free services. The official game can be problematic or troublesome for noobs, but not anymore, they get to be in the spotlight too with this app. With the provision of Skins, Drone Views, ESPs, FPS, Player Skills, and more, any player can win even the toughest battle. Polished gaming skills and experience no longer matter if you have this on your phone.

Upon searching for them, you will encounter many similar tools, many posted on our website. However, it is difficult to find a long-term solution for all ML needs. Only a few Apps like Papskie Injector provide a constant supply of premium ML items for free. Fakecez Modz is one of them that has been working tirelessly and getting updated with each ML update.

Most players consider these mods short-term happiness as they stop working after a while. Let us assure you that this app is made for the long run and secured with an anti-ban feature. It is still holding its place well in the market after such a long time and plans to do so in the future as well.


When you install Fakecez Modz APK, all the features or functions are accessible through the floating icon easily. Just one click and you will get to explore all these features. The injection process is even easier to be activated with a toggle.


It got almost all the skins for all major characters. An ML player does not have to install an ML skins tool separately.

Drone View

It features an adjustable drone or camera view with multiple ranges. Increase or decrease the range to view the battleground from different angles.

Player Skills

If you want to improve your playing skills and no longer wish to be a noob. It has many features to fulfill your wish, for instance, Player Line, Distance, 360 Alert, and others.


Extra Sensory Perception lets you detect nearby things and opponents. This menu will get ESP Player Line, ESP Player Distance, and ESP Box.

ESP Settings

Here, you will get Line and Box Size, Box Top Position, Box Right Position, and Distance Text Size.

Frame Rate

You will enjoy many options regarding FPS like 60FPS, 90FPS, and 120FPS.

Similar Gameplay

Just because it is a mod does not mean it departs from the game’s original theme. The only difference is the free features.


Compared to the official app, it has a small file size of about 125 MB.

Latest Fakecez Modz APK

This modern and latest mod is compatible with the new version of the official game.

How to Download and Install?

With great pleasure, we welcome you to our website to download the Fakecez Modz latest version. No need to wait anymore, just install it and play the game with no restrictions. This mod has already been used by thousands of gamers who prefer it over the other versions.

If you are not aware of the installation procedure, we would like to help you out. Just a few steps are given below and you are done.

  • Download Fakecez Modz ML APK from the link given in the post. It will take a while as the file is complete.
  • Once the downloaded file is saved, if not done already, allow third-party apps by activating Unknown Sources from phone settings.
  • Navigate to the downloaded file, double-click on it, and wait till the successful installation notification.
  • Launch the app, it will ask for a login key.
  • To get the key, click on the GET KEY button, and the password will be generated.
  • Copy and paste the password in the relevant section and hit Login.
  • Play the game and activate and deactivate features using the floating icon.

Final Verdict:

We bet this Fakecez Modz menu for ML has convinced you enough for installation. You will love playing the mod version with all the premium features. Share it with friends and comment your opinion on this mod.