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Do you want to play like a pro player in Mobile Legends Bang Bang? Probably yes, it is the dream of every player. Luckily, we bring an app for the players that can help in fulfilling all the dreams related to the game. Must try the latest version of this app and start ruling over the enemies like never before. Download the New Box Skin Injector and fight the game more strongly.

Many players are not ready to spend large sums of money and only advanced players that have spent countless hours in the game can gain more scores and unlock a few items from premium ones. But what about the rest of the players, they prefer to find other ways to gain access to these high-priced items. Different mod apps, skin injectors, patchers, and other scripts are ready to serve the players. We again come with the helping app for Mobile Legends: Bang Bang called New Box Skin Injector. Let us explain more about the app.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang needs no introduction as it is already touching the heights of fame due to its amazing gameplay and storyline. After its release, it gained a huge fan following from all over the world. The realistic in-game competitions between players from all around the world urge them to play till the end.

Many hardcore players will win the matches but some other players may be stuck in the middle due to lacking weapons. The game is free to play but the developer has kept a few items under lock. Players can get access to these weapons by gaining huge scores that are not possible for some players or by spending a huge amount of money.

Why New Box Skin Injector?

A New Box Skin injector is a tool that is used to get updated features and modes to the game. This also allows the users to inject their favorite skin into the game many users purchase the features and invest money to play update features. After downloading this app you have no need to purchase any futures you get your favorite skin and you can access any skin you like. This app is made for the fans of MLBB so, it is not available on any app store, but you can download it from our website.

When you start playing ML games you get access to a limit in the game, and if you want to beat your enemies then you need to have powerful characters. Now by downloading the New Box Skin Injector you have a short way to get new skins and characters in-game. Skin Injector app gives free access to all premium skins of characters and allows users to inject some cheats in that game in this way their gaming power improves against their powerful enemies.

New Box Skin is an Android app used to unlock all high-priced items without paying any money. This app can modify the entire game in favor of the players by offering different powerful features like skins of characters, background, drone view of the battlefield, battle emotes, and much more. It is mainly designed for noobs and beginner-level players to help them out in their challenging tasks. With this app, even unskilled players can win the battle without putting themselves under too much pressure.

Mod apps, skin tools, injectors, and patchers are involved in manipulating the game. With the assistance of these apps, almost all the players will get free access to locked items. Hence, in this way, these apps can shrink a lot of the profits of the games. Because locked items are the biggest source of income for game developers. So they are strictly prohibiting these apps and those who are involved in using such apps will be banned without any warning notice.

New Box Skin Injector is an android app and application specially developed for fans of ML players. It helps the player to enjoy playing games easily and it contains lots of premium skins on the server, and you can enjoy them free of cost.

On the other side, not all injectors and modifying apps are working the same way as they claimed. Some contain bogus links and viruses that will do more harm than good. Other working apps may fail to cope with the new updates of the games. So it is always hard to find a compatible and functional app. But Box skin never disappoints our players, we always deliver the best and fully functional link to our readers from time to time. Our apps are delivering 100% of their jobs.

Why skins are important and costly in the game?

Skins are the essential ingredient in the gameplay and it is a costly item too. It is an important accessory because each skin possesses different powers and skills. These powers and skills are helpful in winning the challenges. Besides powers and skills, many players want to give their fighters a more beautiful look with fancy costumes.

To acquire these skins, there are tons of skin injectors circulating in the market and players are using them according to their needs. Whenever the game developer adds any items to the game, it is the skins of different characters most of the time.

App Screenshots

New Box Skin
Box skin

Key Features of New Box Skin

Few initial levels of MLBB are easier than others but after these levels, it is almost impossible to accomplish the tasks without external aid. On our website, we have shared multiple apps for the assistance of the players. Users can take help from them and survive on the battlefield for a long time. In today’s post, this new box skin APK is compatible and provides true help to the players along with giving access to the premium item. Here are the most prominent features of this app given below.

New Skins

There are many skins in the game, and some seasonal skins give below. Features are in common with Zolaxis Patcher and Kaneki ML Skin Injectors. Look around them carefully in this below list.

  • Nana (seasonal 1)
  • Alucard (season 2)
  • Fanny (season 3)
  • Mintour (season 4)
  • Hilda (season 5)
  • Moskuv (season 7)
  • Fstes (season 8)
  • Franco (season 9)
  • Cyclaps (season 17)

Premium Skins

You can get skins like a skin assassin skin fighter skin mage skin marksman skin tank and skin support. All skins are purchase in the game but Box skin ML provides you with all these skins free of cost, you use these tools on all android devices, and this app is free to download and use free And many characters.

Skin Fighter

The skins you are using in the game have lots of advantages these skins look cool and awesome you will enjoy them a lot and their characters help a lot in battles. You can defeat your enemy easily, and enjoy the game and you get these skins and characters free without any cost and without any investment.

How to Use?

You can use Box Skin Injector by using the following steps:

  • First, click on the download button.
  • Then install the app on your device.
  • This application is unavailable on Google Play Store, and you should download it in APK format.
  • It has no security threats you can use it without any confusion.


It is a very great tool you will enjoy it easily and can inject skins in the game, and you should start from the beginning Moreover if you can use a single character or skin at a time

What’s New Box Skin?

  • Battle emote+voice
  • Tablet and drone view horizontal
  • Fix bug all skin
  • Add 6 new skin unreleased
  • And recall seal of anvil full sound 2 new battle emote.
  • Add new skin painted.
  • Add skin roger and you get full sound and fix all bugs.

App Password

The updated version of the New Box Skin Injector does not need any password for installation Due to security injector apps are protected so whenever you try to install the application on your android device it asks you for the password, and you get that and enter it into the box. Without a password, you cannot be able to start the game.


New Box Skin Injectors are the best skin tool and a very good injector. You can enjoy a lot, and you will have the best characters and advantages to enjoy the game. And the best thing about the app is that you can use it free of cost without purchasing any skins and without investing any money.

You can use it easily and free of cost. Box Skin Injector New version is a very good application found on ML history because it provides all types of skins for all ML games, and this feature allows you to inject any skin in one click, and you have special features to enjoy. new Box Skin injector is a tool where you can enjoy features you like and skins you love. And your gaming history will be awesome.