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Bellara Blrx Vip is an Android app that will let the players use multiple features of this app and defeat their enemies comfortably. Due to millions of active players from all around the world, it is very difficult for unprofessional players to move forward and hit the battlefield. This app will give quick access to all the locked items of Garena Free Fire without spending any money on them. All the powerful features of this app will not only enhance the skills of the players but also give an unfair advantage over the rivals.

If you want to become a champion of Garena Free Fire then why not try the Bellara Blrx Free Fire app? It will assist the players in gaining more scores and reaching the BOOYAH quickly. What you all need to do is Download Bellara Blrx Vip and enhance your fighting skills comfortably.

However, today we are here as usual with another third-party app Bellara Blrx Vip Free Fire to delight our readers. So read this till the end to get all the relevant information about this app.

What is a Bellara Blrx Vip?

This is an Android app that is designed and developed for Garena Free Fire. This app will unlock all the locked features of Free Fire without charging any money from the players. This app will enhance the shooting skills of beginner-level players. This app is equally helpful for noobs as well as advanced players to defeat their enemies faster. To win this bombastic game, players need external support. This prominent app is widely popular among players and with the assistance of this app, players will be able to stand in front of advanced adversaries.

By activating its powerful features one by one, players can reach Bellara Blrx VIP with a lot of ease and eliminate deadly enemies faster. All the bombastic tasks and missions will be accomplished by using this app. Now is the right time to explain its powerful features to our website readers.

Bellara Blrx Free Fire

Probably you have heard about the popular Garena Free Fire game because this shooting survival game is extremely viral among people of all ages. It is specifically designed for Android and iOS users for entertainment purposes. Bellara Blrx is hard for other similar games to break the popularity record of this action-packed game. Almost 100 players can take part from all around the world in this battle of nerves. Only hardcore players with lots of practice can know the real tricks for winning this game. Many other players who don’t play this game for hours as practice can easily be knocked out by the advanced players. Not all players are ready to practice this Battle Royale game for countless hours. Everyone wants to go to a victorious position without hard work.

What are the key features of Bellara Blrx Vip?

There are numerous general and specific features of this app for the Garena Free Fire game. This widely popular app is functional on rooted as well as non-rooted devices. To make a long story short, let’s move towards the most highlighted features of this app in the given below list.

Aimbot menu

By activating this menu, players will be able to kill more enemies because they have now more improved and polished shooting skills. These powerful features of this menu include,

  • Aimbot Auto.
  • Aim Por Tiro.
  • Aim Por Mira.
  • Ammo unlimited.
  • Aim visible.
  • Aim Agachado.
  • Aim fov 0 to 360.
  • Aim Puxada.

Fast Reloaded

With the assistance of this app, all the guns, rifles, pistols, etc will be reloaded immediately.

Fix Lag shoot

During shooting, players may face lag issues and this Bellara Blrx Vip will fix lag issues so that players can shoot their enemies faster.

Ghost h

Many players find ghosts the funniest feature of this app because players can kill enemies by hiding themselves.

Esp Menu

Players can get better outcomes by following the esp menu.

Esp line

Players will be connected through a line with the frontier so that they can easily identify the enemy and kill them on the spot.

Esp distance

This shows the distance between enemies and the fighters.

Esp name

When this feature is enabled, Players can see the names of other players.

Esp alert

This feature will alert the player to the surroundings.

Esp fire

Another great feature is that it is helpful in battle.

Drone view

This feature will enable the players to see a broad view of the battlefield and the camera ranges from zero to five.

Diamond and gold unlimited

Players will find unlimited in-game currency ( Gold, Diamond) inside this Bellara Blrx VIP Free Fire.


  • Telekill car.
  • Remove scope.
  • Telekill pro.
  • White body.
  • Remove body.
  • Shoot + move.
  • Telekill enemies.
  • Telekill aliado.
  • Kill in the lobby.
  • And a few others.

To survive till the end, many players take assistance from third-party apps. These third-party apps are not the safest option to consider. Several users of these apps are banned by the authorities without sending any warning notice. However, many pro players use them with caution or at a time of dire need. Many developers of such apps claim that our app is secured by an anti-ban feature but never trust them blindly because we have seen many gaming accounts that are banned even with anti-ban features. Pro players often use them on guest or bogus accounts and they enable only one feature at the same time.

How to download and install the app?

This useful free fire SF tool created by Bellara Blrx Vip Mod Free Fire can be downloaded from several websites. Well, it might not be surprising news yet it needs to be communicated that this app is safer to download from any trustworthy third-party website. So follow the step-by-step procedure to install the app.

  • Find and click on the link of Bellara Blrx Vip and wait until the process is over.
  • Allow the unknown sources option by going into the Android phone security settings and then double-clicking on the downloaded file from the downloads of your device.
  • Approve pop-up if it appears for permission.
  • Wait for at least a few seconds so that the app will be installed. When it is installed then open it and use it.
  • Now players will be able to enjoy this game with enhanced powers and skills.

How to download and install the app?

If you want to increase your performance in the game then straightaway download this app from our website. It is easier to download and without any technical skills, it can be operated. Following these points, players can install this app comfortably.

Click on the download link of the Bellara Injector app and wait for a few seconds until the process is over.
From the security settings of Android, enable the unknown sources otherwise you will not be able to install the app.
Click on the downloaded file and permit the pop-ups.
Now the app will be ready to rule within a couple of seconds.

In final words

If you want to use advanced features to defeat enemies then the Bellara Blrx Vip app is there to assist the players. Now tasks and missions of Garena Free Fire are like a piece of cake for the players. Download this app and reach the heights of glory with minimal effort. It is summed up that Bellara Blrx Free Fire is like a gem out of stones for Garena Free Fire. Many players are satisfied with the amazing services it provides. Download this app and enjoy this game without any restrictions.