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Abstraction Emote Injector is an APK tool that is dedicated to providing free ML emotes other than the routines. All the things of the Mobile legends bang bang collectively make it an impressive and attractive battle game. Millions of people are seen to be hardcore die-hard fans of the game.

A huge number of people are seen playing the MLBB during their free time. They are creating tools that can get the players free premium resources that are required to be purchased by the user.

The premium resources are there to make the player feel the essence of ultimate gaming. By using such resources they get the premium feel while playing.

What is Abstraction Emote Injector?

According to MLBB, a player can use a maximum number of 4 emotes in gameplay to enhance your gaming experience. Some emote are available for free to use and they don’t belong to a specific hero. But many of them are free to be used for all the heroes.

There is a specific number of ML heroes that are separate from others and are not able to be used for any other hero. Abstraction Emote Injector is a tool that helps you to fetch the collection of free emotes, your competitors will be highly impressed by your emotes.

Features of Abstraction Emote Injector

The most dominant features of the application that make it different from other competitor apps are mentioned as under. Most of the features are similar to Nix Injector for having great emotion in the gameplay.

Abstraction Emote Injector

ML Battle Emotes:

There is a number of ML battle emotes that are available in this tool. The tool makes the availability of One sport, Geek fam, and os many others.

Let’s say some additionals are Genflix Aerowolf, RRQ Hoshi, Alter Ego, Aura Fire, Bigetron alpha, EVOS legends, Time-out, Here I come, fire master, am I scary, Genius and many more are there.


The application is free to use, it doesn’t have any hidden payment places in the tool. Once you have downloaded the application then all of the contents for the game are free of cost and are easy to be used.

Rank Booster:

The app comes up with a built-in rank booster that has the ability to get the maximum rank possible for the user.

It assures that the user would be getting the maximum rank after a game. The user’s rank is boosted as per the input by the player.

Light & Simple:

The injector tool is of a very small size. It does not require a huge space in your phone’s memory to get it downloaded. The is very light in size and is very simple to run. It does not require any rocket science involved in the running of the tool.

No Ads:

The tool comes without any ads. The tool does not show the number of ads just to open any single hero.

The app is ad-free. Abstraction Emote Injector App is very much user-oriented in that it makes the user open whatever he wants without any delay showing ads or paid promotions.

Password Protected:

The tool is password protected. The password requirement tells that the tool is 100% secure. No security is put to risk by the user after downloading it. The password required to unlock the application is “Abstraction?’’.


The application is smart and well optimized. It doesn’t let the device heat up. It runs very smoothly. The user is totally satisfied with the working system of the application.


Abstraction Emote Injector is compatible with any android device with any specifications. It does not require heavy RAM & ROM setup to be near the running of the application.


The app is this smooth that it is capable of loading skins in such a small time at a very fast speed. The skins

are easily accessible and there are no paid promotions included in the app to run it smoothly on the devices.

Data Loss:

The best feature of the Abstraction Emote Injector is that once you have downloaded the skins from the app they are stored in the SD card storage of the device that helps in no data loss.

If the app itself is un-installed so the data of the skins would not be lost. It will remain safe and running all the time without the app.

No Roots:

The tool doesn’t the device to be rooted. It is capable to work on both root and non-rooted devices. The user can simply download and run the app smoothly. There is no lag reported by any user up till now.


The abstraction Emote Injector is a fully updated app version that competes with all other applications that are there in the market store.

The application is the most improved version compared to all other apps. It is considered to be the most updated, novel, and vulnerable tool.

Unique ML Emotes:

The tool is loaded with a huge number of unique & rare ML emotes that make it separate from all other tools in the market. The tool is this much loaded that the user’s friends will be fully impressed by its performance.

How to download Abstraction Emote Injector?

The steps that are needed to be taken to download the abstraction Emote Injector are mentioned as under.

  • Get the APK file and download the link from the site.
  • Install the downloaded file by allowing installation by unknown sources.
  • After installation opens the app by entering the correct password.
  • Give storage permissions to save data on your SD card.
  • You are finally ready to use any four emoticons.

Click on the INJECT icon present on each item. In this way, it will get inserted into your MLBB. After that, the injected battle emoticon will be visible above your hero fighting the battle. That’s it.



The app development stores are working day and night to meet both ends meet as per the latest features of Mobile Legends bang bang. Some tools are all in one but a few are specific.

Similarly, the abstraction Emote Injector is only the leader in fetching and injecting emoticons at no cost. Then what is are you waiting for the go-ahead and download the application.