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Xera Panel Free Fire is a free shooting game for Android that has been updated many times. You can get all the latest features as well in this version of the game. This new version of Free Fire allows you to play alone or in multiplayer mode. As well as being able to control where their bullets go, players can choose from different weapons that will make their experience unique. It is a top-down shooter in which you battle against other players in online matches. The aim is to kill everyone else and survive.

What is Xera Panel?

With the Xera Panel Free Fire App, you can now enjoy a whole new experience when playing Free Fire. It has all the features of our other apps and more. Free Fire is a survival shooter with a high-quality 3D environment. You are dropped in the middle of an unknown location, alone and in the dark. You must navigate your way through the game and collect weapons to survive the night. For free fire auto aim you can install free fire auto headshot app.

It is a free-fire Android game. In the Xera Panel free-fire game, players aim at their opponent’s avatar, and if you hit him, he gets shot; if you get shot, you lose. This means that you need to make sure your avatar hits your opponent to win. However, there’s one catch: the game is set in a forest. So, you’ll have to figure out which trees are worth aiming at and which ones are just going to hit you back!

Features of the Xera Panel:

The Xera Panel Free Fire Game Apk is a fun shooting game where you have to fight against many enemies with different weapons and destroy as many of them as you can before time runs out. The free Fire app is a simple, addictive game. It has you firing bullets at targets.

Let us talk about the Xera panel’s features:

Auto Aimlock

This feature means that you can fire targets without having to press any buttons. You can just tap the screen and watch your shots go in.

Auto Headshot

You’ll have to aim for the enemy’s head to shoot.

Health Bar

You will also have to keep an eye on your character’s health bar. If it gets low, you’ll have to start healing him.


You can share your high scores with your friends using the game’s high-scorer system. In multiplayer mode, you can compete with other gamers.


The Xera panel lets you use the multi-player feature. You can invite your friends to a game and compete against them.

Easy Kills

This feature lets you kill your enemies very quickly.

No More Ammo

If you’re in a hurry, you can just reload your gun when you’re out of ammunition.

Easy Targeting

You won’t have to waste time aiming at your enemies. You’ll just tap the screen to aim at them.


This feature shows you all your stats, like kills and deaths, damage dealt, and so on. You can also view your character’s stats and check out his weapon load.


You may view the top scorers with this tool. You can contrast your performance with that of other gamers.

Kill Streak

The kill streak is the number of times you’ve killed someone in a row. You can use this number to make your character stronger. The more kills you have, the better your character will be.


There are different characters in the Xera panel. Each character has a unique weapon, power, and abilities that you’ll need to master to defeat your enemies and save the day.


You don’t need to aim, press buttons, or use any other controls when playing.


There are different power-ups that you can collect during the game. You can use these power-ups to gain an advantage over your enemies. You can also use these power-ups to heal your character.


You can use a pet in the game, and he’ll help you defeat your enemies. The pets will attack the enemies for you. You can buy them with gems.


This is the most exciting time in the history of online gaming. More people are playing games online than ever before. This is an incredible opportunity to make money! If you want to get the most out of your experience with Free Fire, you will need to focus on your skills.

You must learn how to use your weapons and abilities to achieve victory. You should always look for power-ups. Xera Panel can help you gain an advantage over your enemies. You must also know how to use the healing power-ups to keep yourself healthy. You can use a pet in Free Fire. It will fight for you while you collect the gems. Try Xera Panel.