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Shadow Face is a free-fire gaming injector. It is the next generation of online free-fire games. With it, you can play the most popular games, including CS: GO, Dota 2, League of Legends, and my craft. SF injector comes with an innovative free-fire feature where players can choose to play as the host or the host bot.

So, you can play the game and be in control at all times, or you can choose to play as the host and let the host bot do all the work! It is designed to let you play your favorite games anywhere and will also increase your gaming experience. This gives you a completely new experience.

The shadow faces free-fire gaming injector is designed for gamers that want the latest and greatest video game accessories. shadow and Bellara Blrx will unlock a lot of premium features and give you a different gameplay experience. Furthermore, it allows you to quickly and easily customize your game. As long as you’re having fun, the shadow face can help you have the best time ever.

Because it injects fun into your game and turns your life into the most amazing adventure ever. This is a fully-featured game injector for most free-fire games, including Shadow gun Legends, Gun brick, Gunpoint, Kill zone 3, and many others! If you love gun games, you’ve got to try out this app.

 What is the Shadow Face injector?

Shadow Face or SF injector is the only app to inject real gameplay directly into your Android games. This free-fire gaming injector lets you enjoy the most fun multiplayer gaming experience ever. This new application creates the feel of shooting a real gun with a modern twist. Play any game with a friend who has a mod menu and fire bullets as fast as you can.

Your friends will be shooting back at you just as fast. It’s the best app to use for all of your gaming needs. The game is simple, but it’s addictive and challenging. This is one of the best free FPS games, with a ton of different features, as it will unlock a lot of things like weapons, characters, maps, and more. You just have to download the SF and enjoy it.


If you want to play free online games on Android devices without spending any money, then you are in the right place. Shadow face APK is also packed with great features like free-fire mode. This means you can take as many shots as you want without worrying about losing your progress. Let us talk about its features:

Antenna head

The antenna head is a must-have for those who use SF injector. This allows you to see where your opponents are located in relation to your own base.


With this app, you can: Lock onto enemies, enemies, or any object in the game. Fire while aiming at an enemy, or lock on to any object in the game and fire a shot.

Auto Headshot

With the Auto Headshot feature enabled, you’ll shoot continuously while your gun remains locked in position.

ESP Menu

It adds a menu option that allows you to see the positions of all players at the same time! This option is free and works well in any multiplayer mode.


The app allows you to use a real gun as your weapon and shoot at targets from a distance, using a real gun.

Unlimited skins

The SF injector comes with an exclusive skin pack containing all the skins available for the game.

Unlimited Ammo

Shadow face injector allows you to change the ammo types, weapons, and more. When you change ammo types, you change the weapon of the character you control.

Invisible Vending

The Invisible Vending feature of the shadow face Free-Fire gaming injector will allow you to buy premium items for the game without showing your card.

Airdrop Invisible

Airdrop Invisible lets you drop a bomb without leaving a trace. That means there’s no more need to waste time waiting for the game to restart after dropping a bomb.

Invisible Weapon Box

The Invisible Weapon Box makes you undetectable in combat. You can run around a battlefield and fire off your gun without fear of being shot back.

Water Running

The water running feature allows you to send out a jet of water to a location in the game, forcing all enemies near it to run away!


The new shadow face Free-Fire gaming injector is now free! Also, this app will not only improve your skills in free-fire mode but will also improve your combat abilities in other game modes. It has a great collection of game skins, and all of them are designed with a unique look. There are skins based on characters, weapons, vehicles, and more. Your bullets will slowly lose energy over time. That means that you will eventually run out of ammunition and will be forced to reload your gun. When you have a weapon that uses a limited amount of ammunition, it will be a pain to reload and use your gun for another battle. Must try it!