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With PMM Team Free Fire, players will enter a new world of Garena Free Fire where nothing is impossible for them. So are you ready for this? Then check out this special app that is going to be the best shortly. If you are searching for a hardy FF app then your search will end here. All you need to do is Download PMM Team Free Fire and get new features and options to enhance the gameplay.

With one billion active players, Garena Free Fire has become the best game for combat lovers. Many new players are coming to tackle the hectic competition of the game. The attractive plot and beautiful graphics attract many players to take part in this battle of nerves. However, what spoils the fun is the presence of premium items in the game.

Most players do not have sufficient money to avail these premium items from the official authorities. Thanks to the brainy developers as they developed countless tools that will not only provide free access to the premium items but assist them in making the climax of the game hassle-free. There is a long list of third-party helping tools for MOBA games that can be used to get premium items.

This wide variety of different tools helps the players in more than one way. As you know our website is full of these tools and we always come up with new apps for the convenience of gamers regularly. We hold our tradition firmly as we again come with a new and wonderful PMM Team Free Fire app for the assistance of the players. So what else do you want? Just keep reading this resource till the end and enjoy all the relevant information about this app.

What is a PMM Team Free Fire app?

PMM Team Free Fire is the best Android app that will turn into a helping tool for the disappointed players on the battlefield of Garena Free Fire. The tool is going to hand over all the premium items without breaking the bank. Many players can now reach the climax position without practicing the game for long hours.

This tool surely comes to rescue all the weaker by providing the necessary strength and powers. Plenty of options are available to make the gameplay easier and make your character look beautiful. No one can deny the role of helping tools on the battlefield against enemies. Believe it or not, these helping tools can tweak the gameplay powerfully.

What are the key features of the app?

The PMM Team Free Fire app has several powerful features that can be used to tweak the game. Every player can use them without any restrictions. So if you want to know about the powerful features of this app then read the following list.

Aimbot Menu

The aimbot menu facilitates the players with enhanced shooting skills to eliminate enemies with grace. This menu has the following features.

  • Auto aimbot.
  • Aim fire.
  • Aim Crouch.
  • Aim Fov.
  • Aim movement.

Esp Menu

The most liked menu of all the Garena Free Fire players will enable the players to see through walls and terrain. Get to know all the information of enemies and make a plan of killing them accordingly. Have a look at all the options in the PMM Team Free Fire menu.

  • Esp distance.
  • Esp line.
  • Esp ant line.

Auto headshot

This feature has come to increase the scores of the players by shooting at the heads of enemies whenever they come in front of the players.

Sensitivity adjustments

This is another good option given in PMM Team Free Fire where players can adjust the sensitivity of the game whenever they feel it is low.


Players can open this app by applying a password to it. Remember this username and password to use this app comfortably.

  • User name. Novideo.
  • Password. Novideo.


This option is used to kill enemies from a long distance and players can fly from one location to another.

Drone camera

Get a broad view of the battlefield from different angles on the top and see all the positions and hideouts of enemies.

Shoot while swimming

Now players can swim and shoot enemies at the same time.

Similar App

The most similar and with the same feature outcome is the dark side mod menu for free fire skins. Auto headshot and so many features in hand for dipping the game.

How to download and install PMM Team?

Many players have already decided to download PMM Team Free Fire and they have made the right decision. However, as every new and old player knows these kinds of apps are not allowed on Google Play Store so they must have to search for another reliable source other than Google Play Store.

We are the best third-party source that deals with virus-free and the latest links to a wide variety of different apps. We always share a simple step-by-step process to install the app from our website hassle-free so read the following instructions carefully.

  • Download. Just click the download link of PMM Team Free Fire and sit back for at least 15 seconds so that the process can be completed.
  • Unknown sources. If you are not a new user then skip this step and straight away go to the download manager of the device. However, if you are going to install this app from a third-party source for the first time then go to the Android phone security settings and enable the unknown sources option.
  • Downloaded file. Search the downloaded file of this superb app from the internal storage of your phone and click on it.
  • Permission. After clicking the downloaded file, allow all the pop-ups that appear on the device’s screen for permission.
  • Installation. This PMM Team free fire app will be installed in the very next moment after allowing pop-ups.

In a nutshell

It is summed up that PMM Team Free Fire is far better as compared to their counterparts. If all the other helping tools have stopped working then try this app and feel the difference. Players can rely on this tool to reach the climax position with ease. If you are a disappointed player then download this app and enjoy lots of options and freebies. Share your thoughts about this amazingly simple app via the comments section below and we will be happy to hear from you.