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If you are a lover of 3D shooting games and want to get more interesting features in FF games, then you are at the right place. OB38 Injector is a great Android app that lets you play free Fire games. It’s a realistic and exciting sniper shooting game. You can enjoy the fun of firing in space, air, water, or in a jungle! Use it to get unlimited money, health, and ammo, and score big. It is an amazing application to unlock all the features of Free Fire. It’s completely undetectable and safe. Moreover, it is the most powerful application that will allow you to play free-fire games without any cost.

Furthermore, the OB38 Injector allows you to change your weapons and shields from the default ones in Free Fire. It’s a fantastic app that will enable you to improve your gaming abilities and help you become a master player by giving you access to all the necessary features.

What is an OB38 Injector?

OB38 Injector APK is a free game with simple gameplay that is also very addictive. It’s a fast-paced, high-energy, high-intensity, action-packed 3D combat game. Your mission is to take out all the other opponents in the arena. You have to get as many points as possible in order to unlock the next level. You have to play the game to get all the new features. You can also customize the sensitivity.

The app’s interface is intuitive, and the quality of the virtual drone is impressive. With this app, you can get unlimited resources for Free Fire games! When you start playing a game, you won’t notice that you’re being injected with all the power of the OB38. The update and an advanced variant of the Ob37 injector, we have previously published. It’s just a simple mod that can improve performance in the game.

It works by enabling some extra textures. So you’ll get to try out different types of ships and weapons while you play. And when you think you’re ready to move on, there are still plenty of options for you to choose from. It has lots of cool features and an awesome 3D graphics engine that makes you feel like you’re playing a real game. OB38 Injector is free, but you can upgrade to OB38 Premium and get tons of cool items. You’ll also get exclusive access to the private server, which includes many bonuses!

The OB38 Injector has the following features:

This is a special OB38 Injector APK free-fire game. You can find your enemy and shoot him to kill him. Your mission is to kill your enemy and save yourself from being killed. You just have to know about all the features of the game; let’s talk about its features!


OB38 Injector will help you catch the opponents; whenever an opponent hits the wall, the wall will shine.

Auto Headshot

The auto-headshot feature in the app will let you shoot your enemies without missing a single shot!

Realistic physics

It is one of the most realistic games available and has been praised by millions of gamers around the world.

Smooth interface

The interface of the game is very simple to use, and this allows new users to experience the game quickly.


Auto-aim is about to get even more exciting! The new update includes an “AimBot” mode that allows you to aim with precision.

Unlock Characters

OB38 Injector is a fast-paced action game. You are able to unlock different characters as you play the game.

Unlock Maps

You can now unlock maps by playing the game, which is perfect for those of you who want to try out some different settings.

Endless diamonds

The new game will give you lots of fun when you play in the free mode. You are always rewarded with unlimited diamonds.

FF Unlock Skins

OB38 Injector lets you unlock game skins, which are simply images that replace the default icon of your game.

Unlock Weapons

You’ll get to use a wide variety of weapons like guns, machine guns, grenades, rocket launchers, and cannons to defend yourself from the hordes of enemies trying to kill you.

Antenna Head

The antenna head in the OB38 Injector will help you find out where your enemies are. It will make it easier for you to line up your shots.


When your target is a moving object, like a deer, the crosshair gives you a quick visual guide to help you shoot accurately.

Lock Aim

A feature in OB38 Injector called “Lock Aim” enables the user to “lock on” to a target and automatically track it as long as it is in the player’s line of sight.

Multiplayer Mode

It also has an exciting new multiplayer mode, where players can play against each other to gain achievements and compete for high scores.


In conclusion, the OB38 Injector is one of the best Garena Free Fire helpers available. This is a modern app that is free of glitches and all kinds of commercials. For those who find it difficult to maintain their strength in the face of knowledgeable foes, this app is quite helpful. You will need to equip your spacecraft with different types of weapons to defeat your enemies. There will be different weapons available to you. You will need to collect them and equip them. It will also help you get rewards and give you amazing gameplay.