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EZ Month Injector is yet another gaming application for MLBB users. The EZ Month APK app is developed by EZ Hunter FC, which has built a lot of other apps like this. Similarly, we have to look around. some other apps will let you inject skins while playing.

On this landing page are going to get complete details about it. This current version is up to date which comes with the part numbers in a way. This part is 48 and is still the most recent version available. So keep a part of this web and know.

What is an EZ Month Injector?

The main aim of the EZ Month Injector is to cheat the game functions and make your play fearless. Your skills will tough to the height of the roof and improve your technical gameplay. On every update, you will get new upgrades parallel to the game and simultaneous on the app. Check out more about the app, and what it has exactly means. Let’s go through the name EZ injector.

EZ comes from the brand name, whereas month comes from the workability of all the months in a year. So this month injector will let you inject skins, maps, and emotes into the battlefield. The APK shows that this is an Android-based application that will allow you to install via a third-party solution.


This image shows the EZ month injector logo and the name. On the left side simple name is written. By this, you will know what the picture behind the scene looks like.

EZ month Injector

Key Features:

Best for skins working as a perfect Tool Skin for injection. Emote things into the powerplay, and defeat your enemies with your enhanced skills.

  • First of all, this app is available free of cost.
  • I Will let you use skins for so many characters.
  • New skins for every new character.
  • Boost your rankings while you have extra elements.
  • Unlimited diamonds to spend on other game items.
  • EZ maps and locations. Find your destination in a better way.
  • Free avaters and emojis.
  • No need to fill out a signup form.
  • The user interface is clean and more user-friendly.
  • It provides almost 50+ different skins.
  • You can replace your current background with an image.

The drone map is another mistune, so you will check views from different camera angles.

EZ Month APK Password

As we know such apps come along with password corruption. You will be asked for the password when you start to install the app. Simply type Gpj4 as the app password. This is the default password from the core developers.

Your app password is below:

There is no password for the new updated version of the EZ month app for mobile legend users. So keep up the joy and have fun with your favorite ML skin.

In some cases, changes in-app versions from older to newer will not work the same. So do change that one or your installation will be password-free.

So you can do search it on our website or google it or you can find this pass from somewhere else. Like on social sites, and other application websites and you can get from the app developers’ Origen.


Our website is based on third-party Android applications. So from the above download button, you can click and get the app right away. It is all free and safe to wear like this app from our website.

After reading the entire article if someone is willing to download and install the EZ Month Injector APK file free of cost, follow the download button and get its most recent APK file. If you face an error of being unable to use its features then mention your issue in below the comment box. We will reply you as soon as possible.