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Today we introduce the new game called “Mobile Legends Bang Bang” with our first champion, “Andika Modz“, from the Kingdom of Andika. “Bang Bang” is a team battle game. You need to collect heroes to defend your base and attack enemies’ bases to destroy their bases. In addition to that, you can get various powerful heroes, and you can upgrade them by spending gold to unlock powerful abilities.

You must use more force if you want to trick them twice. Therefore, today we’re going to introduce you to a better Mod Menu that makes the game a lot simpler for you. You can apply a variety of wonderful characteristics that you would never anticipate from an injector with the aid of Andika Modz.

What is Andika Modz?

Andika Modz is one of the most popular gaming platforms in the mobile industry today. It has become a favorite because of its user-friendly features and intuitive controls. As a result, it is used by thousands of players all over the world. The Andika Modz APK is a mobile game that is simple and easy to play.

With a variety of options that will challenge you in-game, from beginner to advanced, this app is a game in which you will become the best team of five characters. This is a game where you will use your skills and imagination to win against enemies.

This app is also similar to Raymodz and ATA MLBG changer. It’s a fast-paced action/arcade-style gameplay where you have to tap to dodge, slash, and hit as many baddies as possible on each level. You don’t just tap once, but instead, you have to quickly tap the screen to avoid the oncoming attacks. If you successfully dodge, you get bonus points, and you also have to be careful because if you miss, the bad guy will instantly kill you.

Features of Andika modz:

The new version of the Andika Modz has some amazing features. So, if you are looking for a game where you can play against other players and use a variety of skills, then this might be the perfect game for you.

Inject Skins

Andika Modz has the ability to change skins to match any character. Skins are injected into the game, so they will not be installed manually by users.

Vehicle options

The game features many vehicles, such as helicopters, jets, tanks, jeeps, etc. Each vehicle has its own special characteristics and advantages.

Auto Aim

Auto-aim also allows for better control of the game, as well as faster and smoother play. The Auto Aim feature will not interfere with your gameplay and is completely independent of you.

ESP Menu

The ESP Menu allows you to choose between two modes: the normal menu and the secret menu. With the ESP Menu, you can see what your enemy is doing in the game!

Field of view

With Field of View (FOV), you can see your opponent from anywhere on the screen. FOV can be changed with the mouse cursor. The higher it gets, the smaller the distance between you and the enemy.

Unique gameplay

You will see that Andika Modz is very different from others because it uses special technology. When you die, you do not lose all of your progress.

Unlimited lives

In the original version, the player can only get one life. That means you can only play until you die once. But in the Andika Modz, the players can get unlimited lives.

ESP Fire

ESP Fire includes Unlimited Resources: The game uses unlimited resources that can be spent on upgrading your items.


The mobile version of the MOBA game, APK Andika Modz, is fast. It’s a game of speed.

ESP Sensitivity

There, a player has a chance to call out their allies’ positions before an attack. Players can choose one of three different ESP settings when setting up their characters.

ESP Color

You can change the appearance of your champion to make him look like another champion!

A Mini Map Icon

The new Android game features a mini-map icon, and the game is full of surprises! And the best part is, it comes with an auto-save feature.

Telekill Pro

You can also play solo and kill all enemies to achieve the ultimate win. Andika Modz has different modes.

Medkit Run

Andika Modz has two features that set it apart from other similar games. First, you can buy characters for gold. Second, you can use your med kit to heal and regenerate your health.

Custom map

You can create a custom map from scratch by drawing it in the editor and then choosing it when you start the game.

Battle effect

The Battle Effect brings out the best in your favorite heroes and villains! All the power of the battlefield is condensed into one game of mobile battles. As you battle, it will evolve with you!


I’m happy to announce that the conclusion of my mod APK for Andika Modz has finally been finished! In this Mod, you’ll be able to: -Unlock all heroes; -Add unlimited numbers of heroes -Add infinite amounts of items -Get infinite Bang Points -Earn infinite money!-Get unlimited Bangs and experience points! -Remove ads -Add unlimited gems, money, and experience points -Add new items -Get free Bangs! -Get all heroes unlocked.