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Stream India, as the name suggests is a streaming app that can entertain people with its amazing content. This streaming app is popular among many people in Asian countries like India, Bangladesh and Pakistan. Since its release, it has earned a huge fan following in a short span of time. Download Stream India and enjoy unlimited entertaining content.

As everyone knows, with the advent of the Internet, the life of common people has changed. Many apps come to serve people in almost all aspects of life and make their life easier. Similarly, streaming apps are also famous among people and now most people prefer streaming apps rather than watching TV. In old times, TV was the only source of entertainment for people but now they have different easy choices. People are more career-oriented nowadays, they hardly have time to sit in front of Tv during specific hours. So streaming apps help them in this regard and give them access to their missed Tv shows, dramas and programs whenever they want 24/7.

Many streaming apps are present in the market right now however, it is hard to find the right one. Netflix, Amazon prime is the most popular one with a huge collection of entertainment content and is praised by many users. These popular streaming apps charge fees from the users and some people can not afford the price due to various reasons. Here we come again with the amazing free streaming app Stream India that will surely delight its users with its amazing content. Stay tuned with us so that you will get all the relevant information about this app.

What is a Stream India app?

Developed by Stream India Team, this is an android app that will let the players watch live Tv channels from Pakistan, India, Bangladesh, and a few other countries. Besides live Tv channels, this app is offering various Tv shows, movies, news, sports channels, etc. This app is covering all the sports events like world cup matches and others according to the sports calendar. The popular streaming app has transformed smartphones into Tv and now the users of this app don’t need to fight with their siblings for the Tv remote.

In this modern age, where everything is at the fingertips, streaming apps are covering more and more of the latest TV channels that cable doesn’t. It would not be wrong to say that this app has gathered national as well as international entertainment content under a single roof. Due to high-quality content without any error, this app has gathered a larger audience.

A sound internet connection along with 5.4 MB free space is required to use this app comfortably. The must-have app for entertainment lovers doesn’t demand any subscription charges from its users. It brings thousands of entertainment content in the palm of your hands.

Is Stream India safe?

Stream India is safe and this app is working as per their developers’ claims. Many of its users seem happy with its entertaining content and performance. However, as everyone knows third-party apps are risky and sometimes malware-affected that can destroy the important data on your device. So we will advise everyone to search for a reliable source for the installation of this streaming app. Install good antivirus software so that your security will not be at risk.

What are the key features of the app?

We can bet that almost all of our website readers are anxious to know all the amazing features of this app. Relax, Relax we are going to highlight all the prominent features of this app. Given below is the list of all the amazing features of the app.

  • Movies and TV channels. There is a huge collection of classic and newly released movies along with multiple live Tv channels and lots of others like sports, news, PTV Home, Geo Super, Star Sports, Fox Cricket, Ten Sports, BT Sports, and many many others.
  • Sports channels. This app is giving numerous sports channels for sports lovers. Players can enjoy multiple sports like live crickets, football, cycling, Rugby, Tennis and other sports.
  • Regular updates. The developers are updating this app regularly so that users can enjoy error-free streaming without any restrictions.
  • High-quality resolution. All the entertainment content is in high resolution and users can set resolution between 1080p and 4k according to their choice.
  • Subtitle. One of the most amazing features is that it contains subtitles so that most of the users can understand the content of other languages.
  • User Interface. The User Interface of this streaming app is friendly and every entertainment content is well categorized so that users can operate this app comfortably.
  • Free of cost. The app doesn’t ask for any money from the users in exchange for entertainment content from all over the world.
  • Scores. This app is providing scores of cricket and soccer matches to delight the users.
  • Languages. More than 200 languages are available and more will be added soon with new updates.
  • Tv Channels. More than 3000 channels are available for users of all ages and developers are keen to add more TV channels.
  • No Registration. The app is simple enough that it doesn’t need any registration from its users, just install the app and use it.
  • Functional links. All the links available in this app for streaming are 100% functional without any error.
  • Top alternative. It is best similar and having same features with picasotv.
  • Radio Stations. Users can enjoy multiple radio stations anytime and anywhere.
  • Compatibility. Stream India is compatible with all Android operating systems.

What does this app hold for sports lovers?

As we mentioned above, this app is popular among Asian countries due to its sports channels and other entertaining content. There is no need to have an additional app for live streaming of sporting events. People in Asian countries are big fans of Cricket and Football. Stream India is a free platform that can satisfy all sports lovers. It lets users watch all the sports events like IPL and other leagues without any interruption.

Besides IPL, this app is providing a live stream of other popular cricketing events like ICC World Cup, Women’s Cricket World Cup, BPL, and much more. Similarly, this app is also supporting various football events.

How to download and install the app?

If you have tried third-party apps before then you know how the installation process goes. But if you are just tapping into the third-party world then worry not, with just a few instructed clicks, and you are done.

We have shared the latest, direct and fully functional download link of this streaming app. On many online platforms, many people ask for the error-free link of this streaming app. Our website is known for sharing the best, error-free, and functional links of gaming injectors and streaming apps. Due to our regular updates, our links are 100% functional and free from malicious codes that are harmful to your devices. Besides functional links, we always share their installation guides for the convenience of the users.

  • Click on the download link of Stream India and you will be redirected to the download page, where you have to wait for a few seconds so that the process of downloading can be completed.
  • Once the process is over then the downloaded file can be accessed on the download manager of the device.
  • When installing for the first time from third-party app stores, a person must have to enable the unknown sources option. Just go to android phone security settings and from here, enable it.
  • Locate the downloaded file of Stream India from the download manager of the device.
  • Once located, double click on it for further proceedings and the process of installation will start.
  • Grant permission to pop-ups that appear for the permission.
  • After permission, the app is installed within a few seconds and users can open it instantly.

How to use the app?

The app doesn’t require any technical knowledge and like other streaming apps, this app is also based on IPTV technology. When it is installed then users will see that it doesn’t own any entertaining content but it contains active links to various TV channels. When users click on any link then the selected channel will start streaming without any restrictions. Many users, especially in Asia, admire this app. In short, users’ smartphones will become mini televisions due to this praiseworthy app.

Watch TV serials, News, Religious shows.

This app has added multiple TV channels to cater to the female population. Entertain yourself with this app as the app has something for everyone. Comedy contents, Islamic programs, other religious programs, kids’ channels, and much more through several TV channels. Users of these channels will be familiar with the current happenings in the world. If you want to stay updated then try this app and enjoy it endlessly.

How to update this app?

If you are already using this app and want to update the already installed app then you have landed yourself in the right corner. Every third-party app will not be updated automatically like the Google Play store. So if you want to enjoy the updated features of any app, then you have to visit the third-party website and do the following.

  • First, uninstall the old version that is installed on your device.
  • Now click on the latest link from our website and follow all the same steps as you followed for the first time of installing this app.

In final words

It is summed up that Stream India is the best streaming app and users will be amused by its amazing services. This free platform is for those who don’t want to sit in front of Tv. Download this app and watch endless entertainment content without any limitations.