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SKBA Modz app comes with great features and it is providing a sustainable platform where people can communicate with each other safely. People like to use this mod because it can give them more freedom while chatting with their friends. Moreover, it will give you another benefit as it can work fine on nearly all operating systems of android and iOS devices. All you need to do is Download the SKBA Modz app and enjoy exclusive features that are not available on other similar mod apps.

It is no secret that WhatsApp has revolutionized the world of communication. Since the launch of WhatsApp, it has become very easy for people to communicate with each other no matter wherever they are in the world. Within a few seconds, everyone can connect with someone sitting in the other corner of the world. Apart from this, WhatsApp has provided many facilities as people can also see each other through video calls. WhatsApp is widely used and it is difficult to find a smartphone that does not have WhatsApp.

People’s likes and dislikes always change with time so a lot of people feel some restrictions while using SKBA Modz. As you know this is a very popular instant messaging app, and that’s why many of its modes are available in the market. Today, we come to introduce one of the best mod apps, SKBA Modz. This Mod is undoubtedly for those who want more freedom while chatting with their friends and family members. So if you belong to this category of people then keep reading the post till the end and collect all the best information about this app.

What is an SKBA Modz?

SKBA Modz is an android app that is mainly designed to give freedom to WhatsApp users with its iconic features. Also, the developers of SKBA Modz try their best to give all WhatsApp users a sustainable platform where they can enjoy communicating with each other. In short, the app has all those features that are needed by the users and they are not available in the official app. The user interface of this app has been designed with great effort so that the users of this app feel happy and can easily work on it.

Key Features:

When it comes to the features of SKBA Modz APK similar to AOWhatsapp then this app is considered among the best mod apps of WhatsApp. Down here are some iconic features that will surely make users fall in love with it.

Removed messages

When a message was deleted from the other end then many users want to read it. However, through this app, everyone can read all the deleted messages instantly.

Blue ticks

Users of SKBA Modz can read messages without knowing the users because this app can hide blue ticks.

Archived mode

It is easy for people to keep their secret messages in archived mode and check them later.

Lock profile picture

People can lock their profile picture so that no one can download it.

Typing indicator

SKBA Modz will let its users type messages without typing indicators.

Status downloader

Without any difficulty, download the status of your friend and other contacts to keep them safe on your phone.

View Others’ status

Viewing others’ statuses without even knowing them is the most attractive feature of the app.

Voice changer

People change their voices and send messages to their friends without any trouble.

20 pictures

Send 20 pictures at the same time to your friends as it is not possible in official WhatsApp.


People can send huge numbers of documents and different media files by using several options of this app.


There are many attractive backgrounds available for download.

Multiple accounts

A user of this app can run multiple accounts on the same device and this feature is luring many players towards this app.

Automatic control

The app will allow the users to automatically control all unknown numbers.


The app has a strong backup system that will save all the messages and other documents at the back end.

Privacy Policy

The app is giving extra security to its users by adding several privacy options that are not present in the official app.

The Helping team

Above all, users can seek help from the active helping team about any problem they face. This team will help them in all possible ways without any delay.

Others suitable in size

Free from bugs, safe and easy to use, free to download, free of all kinds of bugs and errors, and many others.

In a nutshell:

The SKBA Modz app is the best alternative to the official WhatsApp and it has many enhanced features. This is the main reason it is liked by many WhatsApp users and its number of downloads is increasing rapidly.