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Are you desperately looking for a reliable gaming platform for playing cards, poker, and other related games? Probably yes, then without any doubt, start playing your favorite games on the Scr888 app. Furthermore, this gaming app has the ability to give unforgettable gaming experiences to its users. This wholesome app is trending in Malaysia and many other countries of the world. All you need to do is Download the Scr888 and evo888 to enjoy a memorable gaming experience hassle-free.

You must have heard that people from all around the world are earning money by playing games. Well, there are many games that give you enjoyment as well as means of earning money. It is no secret that the number of people on these gaming apps is increasing day by day. The main reason is every man wants to earn money easily by sitting at home. Fortunately, we have bought the Scr888 app for those who want to play different cards, poker, and other related games. If you are ready to download this app then read the full post first.

What is an Scr888?

The Scr888 is a gaming platform where participants can make a significant amount of cash by investing little. Start playing more than 100 popular games with real cash by using your gaming skills. However, before playing, players must have to get registered on it and then play on this app without any time limits. Besides regular games, there are many live games and players must use the right formula in order to win big every time. If you want to earn hassle-free through this app then link your verified bank account with the gaming account. In this way, players can withdraw their winnings from their banks using atm or cheques.


The Scr888 APK has a considerable number of different features to give players uninterrupted entertainment as well as earning opportunities. Therefore, we have decided to share some major features that a player will enjoy on this platform.

Real people

Players can play multiple games with real people from all around the world. It is difficult to compete with real people because they have multiple skills.

Different games

Scr888 has different kinds of cards, poker, and many others games for its players. Every player is free to choose the game of his choice and can play as many times as he wants.

Cash rewards

Believe it or not, the gaming app has different kinds of cash rewards for the winners. Every winner can get exciting cash rewards that can keep the interest of the players alive.

Secured payment

Feel free as the app has a secure payment method for its users so that they can not be afraid while depositing and withdrawing money.

Live chats

The 24/7 live chat option is available on this app and every participant can discuss their problems with them.


The app is famous due to its tight security and every participant will receive tracking and order ID of all his transactions.

No ads

The other great thing about this app is that there are no ads to disturb the players.

How to get registered on this app?

Registration is mandatory on this app and people do not need to pay for it. Furthermore, contact the game dealers if you have decided to get registered on it. Moreover, if you deposit any money after registration the game agent will not deduct any amount.

The username and password will be sent to the person so that they can continue using this app without any hassle. When a person receives a username and password then he will immediately open the account. Now he is free to deposit his first investment in the bank.

How to withdraw money?

If you have reached a certain limit of withdrawal then you can withdraw the money by using the following instructions. Firstly, confirm your account details so that you can receive money hassle-free.
Secondly, link your bank account with the gaming app and send a request to redeem the cash.
Thirdly, enter the amount and choose your required payment method.

The manager will review your request and send the amount to your bank account within 3 to 5 days.
However, if any person has not received money then he can contact the customer support team for an easy solution.


The Scr888 app is an amazing platform where people can enjoy popular cards and poker games. These cards, poker, and other casino-related games can give many benefits to their players. Every participant can earn cash prizes and various in-game rewards by winning the simple tasks of these games. Drop your opinion about this app as a player through the comments section below.