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Ja Sensei Premium is an online app that has helped learners a lot. For whatever purpose, you want to learn a language, these apps help a great deal. Many aspiring learners are interested in learning European languages, fret not, we will introduce you to one such application that is going to change your learning experience.

Do you want to learn Japanese languages for free? If you are short on time and can not go take hours of classes to learn your favorite language? If the answer is yes, stay with us we have come up with a solution for you to take you out of your misery.

What is JA Sensei Premium?

JA Sensei Premium is an educational app that has garnered popularity among students owing to its functionality and user-friendly features. Many students dreaming of studying in Japan or tourists planning to visit can learn Japanese through Ja Sensei.

Learn Japanies Language

JA Sensei offers clear and interactive lessons to learn Hiragana, Katakana, Kanji, Japanese vocabulary, and phrases. Impress everyone in Japan with your fluency in their native language. When does somebody ask you where you learn that? Do not hesitate to name JA Sensei Premium.

How to Learn Japanese with JA Sensei?

JA Sensei has audio, multiple-choice, self-validated, and drawing quizzes to make learning easy and fun. Anyone preparing to take JLPT will be able to memorize well with this learning assistant.

  • JA Sensei Premium – Japanese Lessons
  • JA Sensei offers
  • Interactive lessons to learn Japanese step-by-step
  • Each lesson posses
  • Japanese Text
  • List of Japanese words
  • Grammar section
  • Cultural page to learn Japanese customs

Japanese Kana & Kanji

  • The learner is introduced to Kana & Kanji progressively by levels
  • The app uses Jouyou Grades and JLPT levels to teach Kanji
  • JA Sensei would not just teach you to speak Japanese but also draw Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji.
  • Pronunciation of each Kana is available with a detailed track record of your progress and mistakes.
  • Set the quiz difficulty as per your will and learning level; easy, medium, hard.

Japanese Phrasebook

  • Japanese phrasebook includes 900 common phrases for day-to-day conversations.
  • Audio clips by native speakers help the learner with the correct pronunciation.
  • Make a personal list of daily life common phrases.
  • Add comments and search for any word from English or Romaji

Japanese Vocabulary & Numbers:

  • 2500 vocabulary words and 500 numbers are available with audio clips from a native speaker
  • Learn numbers from 0 to 10000
  • Take an audio quiz and create a personal list of words and numbers
  • Search words from English, or Romaji and enjoy reading numbers in Kanji, Romaji, or numerical value.

App Screnshots:

ja sensei premium


  • Let’s look at the top features of the JA Sensei Premium
  • Easy to use interface with hundreds of interactive lessons
  • Learn and draw Japanese, Hiragana, Katakana, and Kanji
  • Loaded with 60 Japanese particles, 45 counters, 1800 verbs, and 113 grammar sheets.
  • Learning made easy with hundreds of Japanese vocabulary words, phrases, and numbers.
  • Moded version unlocks premium features for free.

How to Download JA Sensei Premium apk?

  • The application charge user for additional downloadable content but with moded version, there is no need to pay even a scent.
  • Download the APK file of the JA Sensei Premium from iMod APK servers.
  • Enable ‘Unknown sources’ from security settings to download the moded version of this application.
  • Click the downloaded file, grant permission for installation and storage, wait a minute or two till the process completes.
  • Open the app and start learning

For an aspiring Japanese language learner, the JA Sensei Premium app is the answer. Learning Japanese is fun with basic to advanced lessons, discovering cultural facts, track progress with smart progress tracking exercises. Happy Learning!