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IwantU APK is a game of friendship, love, and growing your family. The game has great music and beautiful graphics. You will meet amazing characters and have unforgettable adventures. In IwantU there are three modes of the game. You can play either the story mode or the sandbox mode. In story mode, you have to start off with some basic tools and equipment. And then you have to raise a family by feeding, watering, and caring for the animals. The game content is fun and full of challenges and opportunities. This game has the largest amount of possible actions for the player.

The game contains hundreds of items and monsters, a huge number of quests, and much more. With the help of the game, players can explore their world, collect items, develop their characters, and meet new friends. The IwantU has a lot of different aspects, such as farming, trading, crafting, fighting, cooking, etc. So players can enjoy the entire process of creating a farm. The game also allows players to grow their own crops, mine for gems, and raise animals. Players can also upgrade the skills of their characters and purchase equipment in the game. In addition, the game contains an integrated online leaderboard, so players can compete with each other.

What Is IwantU?

This is an HD content simulator with a difference developed by Tiktok 18+. You start your game as a simple farmer in a small town. But after some time, you’ll discover there’s more to the world than meets the eye. And it’s your job to figure out what this more is, and how to get it. You’ll learn to use all the tools at your disposal to transform your surroundings into a thriving community and become an important part of the world around you. In IwantU Mod, there are many skills, which allow you to play videos and enjoy it. These include the crafting system, the animal system, the farming system, furthermore, the fishing system, and the cooking system.

In IwantU APK, you need to work hard to survive. But don’t worry, you can have fun at the same time. Because the game provides unlimited resources, players will have plenty of opportunities to enjoy themselves while farming. You can unlock more weapons and buildings in the game. You can also become a hero in the game. Furthermore, you can go to the sky and fight against dragons and monsters. And, you can collect coins, gems, and wood to buy things in the game.

Features Of IwantU

The app includes three different modes: videos, shorts, and videos on demand. When playing the shorts, you must harvest a certain amount of crops each day. Farming takes place on a farm, and each farm has a certain number of farms in a certain area. In addition, there are different types of plants, animals, and fields, and each type of field produces a certain kind of product. You can harvest a certain number of crops from a particular farm, and that farm will be closed for harvesting during the next period. When you complete your daily harvest, you will receive some items such as coins. As time goes by, you will receive more money.

Multiple types of equipment

The game contains many items and equipment and the number of characters and events increases steadily with the passage of time.

New adventures

The main character will have many adventures and fights with enemies.

Built-in shop

The first thing you need to know about the game is: It has a built-in shop. So you can sell the products you grow and develop.

Production capacity

You can buy new crops from the villagers to expand your production capacity.

Intuitive interface

It features a beautiful and intuitive interface, a deep storyline, many quests and NPC interactions, and a comprehensive crafting system.

Friendly environment

In addition, players can also experience a rich and friendly environment.

Different audiences

It is suitable for all kinds of audiences.

Free of cost

You can play IwantU for free, but you can also buy in-game items. And there are lots of items to buy. Lots and lots of items.

Premium features

You can even spend real money to unlock some features in the game, such as special buildings, new characters, special furniture, and more.


You can enjoy IwantU videos online, and you can also play against other players using online multiplayer. In this game, you can explore the world, meet strange characters, solve puzzles, fight monsters, and more. You can use a variety of weapons such as swords, spears, bows, axes, etc., and you can also collect gold coins, money bags, potions, and other items in the game. There is also a variety of special skills and special weapons in the game. You can improve your farming skills by selecting one of four different crops. After that, you can plant seeds to grow the crop.