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Want to watch unlimited TV shows and movies for free? Well, try DurbinLive TV and never get bored. You will not run out of content to stream as this app gets regularly updated with new movies, series, and TV shows. Most IPTV apps either do work properly or charge money, DurbinLive TV app is not like that, rather a quality app and a better companion in your free time. If you are thinking of giving this app a try, we have presented you with a link for installation.

Streaming apps have gotten a new life since the coronavirus broke. People spent most of their time watching TV and doing other activities, so, the number of downloads increased significantly. Paying for watching TV is so old-fashioned, therefore, many new IPTV apps offer services without cash.

DurbinLive TV

Not all of them work as anticipated and most free apps have limited services. It is hard to find a tool that is free and has a wide range of services at the same time. However, these apps exist providing users with the best streaming services.

DurbinLive TV apk ticks all the boxes for being one of the best streaming apps, it offers plenty of TV channels and movies to stream when bored. So, read on till the last word to get all the valuable information about it.

What is DurbinLive TV?

With this app, no one can stop you from watching unlimited movies and TV shows. This Android entertainment app brings the best features of the entertainment world. It has a wide variety of content including live broadcasts, shows, news, entertainment, and much more. It features daily updates, a list of the series, episodes, channels, and other programs on the app. Find classic as well as new trending movies, series, and other content.

DurbinLive TV
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The app has in-demand, top-trending, top-rated content with all the details and IMBD ratings. It helps you to watch quality content and skip others. There are multiple categories and genres and hundreds of options are available in each group.


If you want a better and more entertaining companion for your leisure time, this should be it. This mini Android TV app is well-categorized with content divided into different categories and groups. Besides all, the app has no premium features and it is free for all. It is hard to summarize dozens of features into a list, so, here are the major ones.

  • Categories – The app has four main categories, the first one is Hollywood which includes mostly English movies, the second category is Bollywood having plenty of Hindi films, the Series is the third category, and the last one belongs to IPTV channels.
  • Movies and TV Shows – DurbinLive TV has plenty of TV shows and movies to watch in your free time.
  • IPTV Channels – A user can live to stream about 50 IPTV channels in this app. The wide range of channels includes sports, news, entertainment, national, international, and many more.
  • Notification Reminder – Push Notification Reminder keeps you updated regarding the latest uploads and updates.
  • Custom Search Option – The custom search filter lets you locate the desired content easily.
  • Subtitles – The subtitles are available for users to enjoy International content.
  • Speedy Servers – You do not have to wait till the buffering complete thanks to the speedy servers. Even during slow connectivity, videos can play without lag.
  • IMBD Ratings – To not waste your time on low-quality content, IMBD details and ratings are displayed.
  • No Subscription Charges – The app does not demand a subscription fee and you can access all content for free.
  • Advanced Video Player – This feature allows viewers to modify player settings according to their choice.
  • User Interface – The user interface is not overly complicated and has a very categorized layout.
  • Sports Channels – Popular sports-related channels are accessible to stream India and many others in a row. Euro fans can live stream games without any difficulty.

How to Download and Install DurbinLive TV apk?

This streaming application can be installed on your device within minutes thanks to our fast servers and quality services. The links offered here are frequently checked to make sure they are not broken and work properly. The team checks the links for any viruses before posting them on the webpage. Once the link is deemed safe, only then, it is posted on the website. You can install other streaming apps as well from our website.

It is easier to install on the phone with a few simple steps. Most new users get overwhelmed considering the installation process is difficult. Follow these steps to install the DurbinLive TV.

If you are installing third-party apps for the first time, know that the device needs permission to be installed. So, to install it successfully without getting a security alert, enable Unknown Sources from security settings.
Download the DurbinLive TV apk from the link given in this post.
Find the downloaded file, click on it, the installation process will begin and complete in a few seconds.

How to Use the DurbinLive TV?

After installation, the usage of the DurbinLive TV app is quite simple.

As you open the app you will get direct access to the main interface.
There is no need to go through the login process or enter a specific password upon opening the app.
All the available channels are present on the main screen or you can search your favorite content in the search bar.

DurbinLive TV TV Alternatives

If you did not find it useful, many other IPTV apps are offering somewhat similar features. If not DurbinLive TV, try Picasso TV, ThopTV, Inat TV Pro, and Chatur TV. These apps have also been downloaded by thousands of TV and movie buffs.

Putting it all together, unlike giant streaming platforms, DurbinLive TV is a free streaming app that comes with a lot of perks. You will get to enjoy and watch different TV channels live without having to sit in front of the TV. Today, when nobody has the time to sit in front of the TV, Pikachu offers you the opportunity to watch TV as you get done with the daily tasks.